Change the Location of the Hive Launcher

Change the Location of the Hive Launcher


The Hive Launcher is on the right-hand side of the header beside the avatar. Is there any way to move it to the left-hand side?


As of the Digital Hive 2.1 release, the location of the Hive Launcher  icon can be customized. New Hives will place the Hive Launcher on the right-hand side by default and Hives from previous versions will maintain the Hive Launcher location on the left-hand side. To change the location of the Hive Launcher:
  1. Click on the Hive Launcher icon and select Open Designer
  2. Click the  icon to open the Properties Panel
  3. On the Hive Properties page scroll down to the Styles section
  4. Locate the Hive launcher position property and using the drop-down, change the position from End to Start
  5. Save the changes
The reason that the terms Start and End are used as opposed to left and right, is that the Header can also be located on the left-hand side of the page. For left-hand headers, Start places the Hive Launcher at the top and End places it at the bottom.

Changing the Hive Launcher position will only apply to the individual Hive and not to all Hives. This provides the ability to have different experiences across Hives, if desired. 

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