Creating a Personalized Greeting within a Hive

Creating a Personalized Greeting within a Hive


Is there way to insert a personalized greeting onto a Hive page to create a more personal user experience?


As of the Digital Hive 2.1 release, it is possible to insert a customized personal greeting into the Digital Hive experience. For example, this greeting was added to a page that not only reflects the user's name, but also adds the 'time' of day.

When the user logs into Digital Hive later on in the day, the message changes to reflect this:

And if your users are working late, the message will also reflect this:

As a Digital Hive author, adding a personalized greeting to a Hive can be accomplished via the following steps:
    1. From the Hive Launcher, right-click and select Open Designer
    2. Navigate to the desired Hive page
    3. From the Elements menu, drag a Text widget into the page
    4. Click on the Insert menu option 
    5. From the flyout menu, there are different options for personalized greeting, but to match the example, select the Personal time of day greeting
    6. Format and insert the test to reflect the desired style and appearance
    7. Save the changes
    If the greeting does not contain the expected user name, the Name field for the user's profile is probably empty.

    To set the user's profile name:
    1. Click on the user's avatar
    2. Select My Account
    3. Click the pencil icon   beside the Name field
    4. Provide a first and last name
    5. Click on the checkmark  to apply the changes 

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