Embed Visualizations from Unsupported Content Systems

Embed Visualizations from Unsupported Content Systems


There are documented ways to embed visualizations from supported content systems like Tableau, IBM Cognos Analytics, and PowerBI, but what if a visualization is required from a BI solution that doesn't have an out of the box connector within Digital Hive? Is it possible to embed third-party content or is a Digital Hive connector a strict requirement? For example, this GoodData dashboard is desired within one of our existing Hives.


As long as the source content system, GoodData in this case, supported embedding, then it is possible to embed the content within Digital Hive. Here is an example of how to embed a Google Map into Digital Hive https://support.digitalhive.com/portal/en/kb/articles/embed-google-map-page using just the shared URL and a Web Page tile. Unfortunately, this technique won't work in many scenarios, so the complete embed code will be required from the source system, and then used within an html file type.

An out of the box connector for GoodData will be available in Digital Hive as of the 2024.3 release. This technique is still valid for any content system that is capable of generating an embed code.

Depending on the source content system, the steps to obtain the embed code will vary. Usually, there is a button with this icon  that indicates that the content can be embedded. Clicking on that link will produce the required code that makes the embedding possible.

The source code format will vary by provider, but here is the code generated following the GoodData example:
<!-- Load the library... -->

<!-- ...and embed an dashboard -->
    style="height: 700px"

  1. Open a text editor
  2. Press the Enter key a few times to move the cursor down the file
  3. Paste the copied code snippet (optional: the commented lines starting with <!-- can be removed)
  4. Move the cursor to the beginning of the file and add this code to the document
    <!DOCTYPE html><html><body>

  5. Go to the bottom of the document, AFTER the pasted GoodData code snippet from step 3, and add this to the document

  6. The document should now look something like this:

  7. Save the file with a .html extension (in this example, the files was saved as GoodData_Embed.html)
  8. Copy the GoodData_Embed.html file and paste it into the <install_directory>\app\node1\tomcat\webapps\theia folder
  9. Launch Digital Hive and open the desired Hive
  10. Open the Hive Designer
  11. Navigate to the desired Hive page
  12. From themenu drag a   tile onto the page
  13. In the Properties panel, locate the Webpage Properties section
  14. Enter the URL to the embed_sales_by_day.html file. Based on the previous steps, this URL should be something similar to: https://server.digitalhive.com/theia/GoodData_Embed.html
  15. Press LOAD
  16. If the URL is correct, the visualization will load. If the  icon appears, then something is either incorrect with the URL, or there is an issue with the code that was entered as part of steps 3-8
  17. Once the visualization has successfully loaded, save the changes and exit the Hive Designer
Now when that Hive page is loaded, Digital Hive will load the GoodData_Embed.html page and the GoodData code will be launched, which will display the dashboard visualization.

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