Embedding Twitter within a Hive

Embedding Twitter within a Hive


Is it possible to embed a Twitter feed/timeline onto a Hive page? 


As of the Digital Hive 2.1 release, it is possible to embed a Twitter feed within a Hive page. To accomplish this:

  1. Using a web browser, open Twitter and view the feed of the Twitter account to be embedded
  2. Copy the URL as it appears in the browser address bar (for example, https://twitter.com/DigitalHiveIQ)
  3. In Digital Hive open the Hive where the Twitter feed will be embedded
  4. Within the header, click on the Hive Launcher icon  
  5. Select the Open Designer option
  6. Navigate to the desired page, and from the Elements toolbox on the left-hand side, drag and drop the  widget onto the page
  7. Click on the Embed Twitter widget to expose the Properties panel on the right-hand side of the screen
  8. Within the Embed Twitter section of the properties, paste the copied URL from step 2 into the Load Embed URL property
  9. Press LOAD
The Twitter feed should now load within the widget on the page. There are some display options that will help to customize the experience. 

Show header - Will insert the title of the Twitter feed as a header. Using the Digital Hive example above, setting the option to show header would add the following to the top of the widget  feed.

Show footer - Similar to the show header property, the show footer property will insert a View More button at the bottom of the widget feed. This button would allow users to launch a Twitter in a new browser tab and view the account feed.

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