Hiding Titles within the Content Lanes

Hiding Titles within the Content Lanes


As part of our Hive design, we're displaying reports using the Content Lane widget. Is it possible to hide the title and details about the reports so that just the thumbnail is shown?  


Starting in the Digital Hive 2.1 release, it is possible to suppress the title and content system information for objects within a Content Lane. For context, here is an example of a default Favorites Content Lane:

To suppress the title, object type, and content system name:
  1. From within Digital Hive, click on the Hive Launcher  and select Open Designer
  2. Click the  icon to open the Properties Panel
  3. Navigate to the desired page and click on the Content Lane to expose the properties
  4. Within the Swimlane properties section, click to enable Hide details until hover
  5. Save the changes and close the Designer
Once this change has been made, the Content Lane will now only display the thumbnail.

When a user mouses over an object, the title will appear on hover.

Users can also display key information about the object by clicking on the  button in the header. Clicking on the  button will reveal a pop-up that contains the object description, location, rating, and path information.

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