Leveraging Custom Column Headers in List Views

Leveraging Custom Column Headers in List Views


The Hives that we have created include different Catalog pages. While in the list view, is it possible to change the column headers to something that is more meaningful for our users? For example, here are the current columns displayed in the list view.


Digital Hive allows authors to define which columns are available within a list view. Each list view has it's own column headers, so it is possible to have different columns displayed for each unique list contained within a Hive. This is convenient when one user group, like Power Users, leverage one particular list view, and another group, like Marketing, leverages a different list.

To customize the column headers:
  1. As a Hive author, open the designer for a particular Hive, by clicking the Hive Launcher icon and selecting Open Designer
  2. Navigate to the Catalog page that contains the content list, either by clicking on the page in the Hive UI, or using the page selector from the top menu bar in the designer
  3. With the Properties panel open, ensure that the page properties are in focus by clicking on the Page icon 
  4. Scroll the Propertiel panel until the Explorer Options are visible
  5. Within this section, there is a subsection called List view options. This subsction contains all the possible columns that can be displayed, which includes Custom Fields and system metadata

  6. Using the toggles for each column, enable columns for display  or suppress them from the view 
  7. The order in which the columns appear can also be modified by clicking and dragging the  icon until the columns are in the desired order
  8. Save the changes to the Hive by pressing the Save icon 
  9. Close the Designer by clicking the X in the upper left-hand corner

After modifying the column headers, the list view was now customized and a different set of column headers are now visible.

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