Tableau content won't display when using Firefox

Tableau content won't display when using Firefox


When using the Firefox browser, Tableau content will not render when executed, or will not display when embedded on a Storyboard page within Digital Hive. The Tableau content works as expected when using the Chrome browser.


This difference in functionality between the browsers is attributed to how each browser handles 'errors' or exceptions that are received. In this scenario, Chrome receives a message from Tableau but still continues with the request, whereas Firefox stops processing the request. This results in the Tableau content not rendering within Digital Hive.

To resolve this issue, a change to the Tableau configuration is required using TSM (Tableau Services Manager). For more information regarding TSM, please consult the Tableau TSM documentation.

The property in question that needs to be modified is Here is a definition of the property from the Tableau TSM documentation.

The name (URL) of the server, used for external access to Tableau Server. If Tableau Server is configured to work with a proxy server or external load balancer, it is the name entered in a browser address bar to reach Tableau Server. For example, if Tableau Server is reached by entering, the name for is

To set the Tableau value:
  1. Launch the TSM CLI (Command Line Interface) by opening a Windows Command Prompt with an account that is a member of the Tableau Administrators group. Do NOT use PowerShell to run TSM commands
  2. Verify the current value by typing tsm configuration get --key
  3. Set the correct Tableau URL by typing tsm configuration set --key --value
  4. Restart the Tableau server for the change to take affect
Note that is used as an example for this document. The correct value to be used would be dependant on your Tableau environment.

Once Tableau has restarted, Tableau content should be accessible through Firefox.

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