Changing the Hive Color Scheme

Changing the Hive Color Scheme


How do I modify the color scheme that is used by a Hive? 


Digital Hive provides authors with the ability to leverage different color schemes as part of the Hive design process. Each Hive can have a unique color scheme applied. To assign a specific color scheme to a Hive:
  1. From within Digital Hive, click on the Hive Launcher  and select Open Designer
  2. Click the  icon to open the Properties Panel
  3. On the Hive Properties page scroll down to the Styles section
  4. Ensure that the Hive section  is selected
  5. Click the Pick the colours control icon  
  6. Using the Color scheme drop down arrow  replace the current color scheme (Digital Hive in this example) with the new desired color scheme
  7. Save the changes to the Hive
When selecting a new color scheme, some schemes may look very similar. To see the name of the scheme hover the mouse over a scheme and a name will appear as a tooltip 

To learn how to create a custom color scheme, please refer to this knowledge base document:

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