Digital Hive Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Digital Hive Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Can Digital Hive be installed on premise or in the Cloud?

Digital Hive can be installed using either on-premise hardware, in a Private Cloud, or a hybrid architecture that leverages both Cloud and on-premise. There is currently no Digital Hive SaaS offering so all installation hardware is self-managed.

Which Operating Systems are supported for the Digital Hive installation?

Both Windows and Linux are supported operating systems for Digital Hive.

Can Digital Hive be installed across multiple servers? 

Yes. Digital Hive can either be installed on a single server or components can be distributed across multiple servers.

Is it possible to leverage one of our existing databases as the Digital Hive Content Store?

No. As part of the installation process, Digital Hive installs an embedded version of Postgres and that embedded instance is the only supported Content Store database.

How do we install a newer version of Digital Hive?

All Digital Hive releases are full builds that can install over top of an existing installation. To upgrade, select the upgrade option during the installation process.

Does Digital Hive support multiple locales?

Yes, the Digital Hive user interface can support twelve different locales. This happens in multiple ways. The first is the actual UI. Out of the box, the Digital Hive UI is localized for both English as well as French. Other locales could be supported by modifying the correct json files. The second way that Digital Hive supports localization, is through the ability to configure different multilingual strings for various objects used in the creation of the Hives. Text boxes, names, connector names, descriptions, etc are examples of items that can contain different values based on locale.

Is is possible to configure Digital Hive to use Active Directory?

Integration with Active Directory is possible and works on different levels. It is possible to leverage AD so that when a user accesses the Digital Hive application, their AD credentials will be utilized. With AD integration configured, it is not required to have to create individual user accounts within Digital Hive. When an AD user accesses Digital Hive for the first time, an account will automatically be created for that user. Also, it is possible to map Active Directory groups to Digital Hive roles so that membership to the role is dynamic and driven by their Active Directory group membership.

Does Digital Hive work with OKTA?

Yes, both SAML as well as OAuth are both supported with OKTA.

Content Systems

Which third party content systems are support by Digital Hive?

Digital Hive provides out of the box connectors for the following content systems:
  1. Amazon QuickSight
  2. Box Cloud
  3. File System
  4. Google Drive
  5. IBM Cognos Analytics
  6. IBM Planning Analytics
  7. Looker
  8. MicroStrategy
  9. Microsoft OneDrive
  10. Microsoft PowerBI
  11. Microsoft SSRS
  12. Microsoft SharePoint On-Premises
  13. Microsoft SharePoint Online
  14. Oracle BI Enterprise Edition
  15. Qlik Cloud Server
  16. Qlik Sense Server
  17. QlikView Server
  18. SAP Analytics Cloud
  19. SAP Business Objects
  20. Salesforce
  21. Splunk
  22. Tibco Spotfire
  23. Tableau Server
  24. ThoughtSpot

Can multiple PowerBI instances be used in the same Digital Hive deployment?

Yes. To configure a PowerBI connector and app registration must be done in Azure which creates a unique appId and appSecret. Multiple PowerBI connectors can be added to DigitalHive as long as they have unique appIds and appSecrets.

Is it possible to leverage the object security that has already been defined within the BI system?

Yes. Digital Hive respects all of the security that has been configured on the underlying objects in the BI systems. When Digital Hive connects to a BI system, the connection is made as the user who is logged into Digital Hive. This ensures that all search results or browsing of the BI content is done as the logged in user, so the user can only see the same objects that they would be able to see through the BI system directly.

Can Digital Hive connect to ANY content system?

Digital Hive provides connections to various content systems out of the box. For systems that do not have a pre-built connector, there are three options. The first is to submit a case requesting the connectivity. This will place the request into the the Digital Hive enhancement process. The second option is to use an HTML widget as part of the Hive design. This HTML widget would require the unique URL for the specific piece of content and also would depend on the third-party systems ability to be embedded. This approach would not provide the ability to browse or search for content in the third-party system. The last option would be to create your own connector using the Custom Connector API. For more information about this approach, please submit a case to the Digital Hive Customer Success Team.


Is it possible to create Hives that different visual appearances?

Yes. Digital Hive supports the ability to have different themes, color schemes, layouts, etc in each Hive. This enables you to create unique experiences for the different audiences accessing Digital Hive.

Can content from multiple BI systems be included on a single page?

Yes. When creating a unified dashboard, it is possible to embed reports, or visualizations, from different platforms onto a single page.

We're using Unified Dashboards, is it possible to have the filtering consistent across the different visuals?

As of the Digital Hive 2.1 release, it is possible to configure global filters (Lens) for a Unified Dashboard.

Does every user have the ability to create or edit Hives?

No. Through the use of Digital Hive capabilities within Roles, it is possible to create a role that does not have access to edit any content. For example, the out of the box Consumer role does not have any authoring capabilities. Even if Edit access was granted to the Consumer role for a Hive, because of the lack of those capabilities, the Hive would not be changeable by the Consumer members.

We would like to include videos as part of the Digital Hive experience. Is this supported?

There are a couple of ways to accomplish this. First, direct integration for videos from YouTube or Vimeo is possible. Videos from other types of platforms could also be leveraged through the use of the HTML widget and a custom URL.

Can multiple YouTube videos be embedded in the same tile?

The only way to embed multiple YouTube videos into the same Digital Hive Video widget would be to create a YouTube playlist with the desired videos and then use the playlist URL within Digital Hive.

Is there a limit to the amount of Hives that can be created?

No, there is no physical limit.

Can Google maps be embedded into Digital Hive?

Yes. Using the combination of a generated Google maps embed URL and a Digital Hive web page element, Google Maps are embeddable on Story Board page types.


Does all content appear in the search results?

When searching, all content across all content systems matching the search criteria will be returned, providing that the user searching has access to see the content. If a user does not have access to see the object in the native content system, they will NOT be able to see the object through Digital Hive. As of the 2024.2 release, it is possible to change the default behaviour so that users can see all content, but they would not be able to open content to which they do not have access to.

Can users have different starting pages when they first log in to Digital Hive?

Yes. Different default Hives can be assigned to each role which would define what the starting page would be for the different users. Users that have access to multiple Hives can also set their own default Hive as part of the user preferences.

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